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efox Foxy Menthol efox USA Tobacco e liquid
Foxy Menthol eLiquid 10ml
Our Price: $9.97
Sale Price: $5.00
Savings: $4.97
USA Tobacco eJuice 10ml
Our Price: $9.97
Sale Price: $10,000.00
Foxy Menthol flavored vapor juice with ranging nicotine levels USA Tobacco flavored vapor juice with ranging nicotine levels
Efox Replacement ELiquid
Efox offers the vaper a choice of two delightful eliquid flavors: USA Tobacco eJuice and Foxy Port Menthol ejuice. These high density concentrates are packed with potent nicotine diluents of the finest purity. Available in a 10 ml bottle, both concentrates last for weeks on end even if you’re a regular “vaper.” You’ll recognize the outstanding value of Efox eliquids; the 10 ml bottle provides the equivalent of 10 packs of conventional cigarettes but costs only $9.97. Compare that with the price of any carton of tobacco cigarettes.
Best of all, Efox eliquids are made to taste like your favorite brands of conventional cigarettes and provides the same nicotine sensation you’ll savor from the very first puff. It’s available in a variety of nicotine levels including regular, light or none. There’s never any foul tobacco stench. There are no ashes. Your clothes, hair or rooms won’t reek from stale tobacco odors. The vapor dissipates quickly leaving behind a pleasant, clean bouquet. Not even your dentist will know that you vape.
It’s easy to refill eFox cartridges; merely add a few drops and you’re set for another lengthy interlude of vaping pleasure. Our convenient design allows easy transfer from bottle to cartridge. And Efox eliquid is compatible with every kit we sell.
Order replacement eliquid today from the Efox, the leading seller of electronic cigarettes found on the internet. Enjoy the pleasure and value of the finest ecigarettes available. Contact us here or at 321.298.4998.

USA Tobacco eJuice Product Code USAELC
Delivering taste and aroma remarkably similar to your favorite brand of tobacco cigarettes, Efox USA Tobacco ejuice is available in a variety of nicotine levels. Available in a 10 ml bottle, the ejuice concentrate will last for weeks of regular vaping. Customize your nicotine levels from regular to light or even none at all.
You’ll enjoy exhaling the vapor (not smoke) that billows from the cartridge triggered by our advanced atomization technology. It provides the same tactile feel and oral sensation as smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes. You won’t offend others with foul-smelling tobacco smoke and ash since the vapor diminishes rapidly.
Savor the pleasure of USA Tobacco eJuice and discover for yourself the incredible value the Efox electronic cigarette offers. Since vaping is appropriate almost anywhere you can enjoy the satisfying nicotine experience of Efox ecigarettes, the finest electronic cigarettes available.

Foxy Port Menthol eJuice Product Code FOXELC
Made from a high quality aromatic compound, Efox Foxy Port menthol ejuice provides an authentic flavor that will remind you of your favorite menthol tobacco cigarettes. Available in a 10 ml bottle, you can customize nicotine levels from regular to light to even none at all. The 10 ml bottle will last for weeks of regular vaping,
Thanks to 21st century technology you can now evolve to the healthier choice of electronic cigarettes. Never deal with foul tobacco reek or messy ashes again. Never worry about the inherent dangers of a burning tobacco cigarette. Foxy Port menthol ejuice does not ignite and the vapor is indistinguishable from tobacco smoke.
If you love the flavor that a tobacco menthol cigarette offers you’ll relish the taste of Efox Foxy Port menthol ejuice. You can satisfy your nicotine yearnings while saving a bundle over the price of a carton of conventional tobacco cigarettes. Enjoy the pleasures of the finest electronic cigarette available: Efox.