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Thank you for visiting efoxecigs.com! We are a family owned and operated company based in the UNITED STATES in Central Florida. Currently, we are an online based company, and have been in business for two years. Hopefully over time, we will expand to do bigger things.
So, are you wondering how we became about today? "Three years ago I was introduced to e-cigs , and instantly fell in love." said owner of efox, Jim. "After smoking an e-cig all day I felt amazing! Normally, smoking a traditional cigarette, I always smelled like cigarette smoke. I mean my hair, clothes, car, and my whole house smelled like smoke. My whole family smokes as well, so I knew if I felt amazing then they would feel the same. After spending some time thinking, we as a family knew many other people could feel the same way we do! After much consideration, I decided to market e-cigs." Jim has put in a lot of time, money, and worries to get efoxecigs.com where it is today.
Making efoxecigs.com has been a struggle, but we are very dedicated. Here at efox we pride ourselves in honesty, integrity, and honor. Electronic cigarettes are one of the fastest growing cigarette alternatives to date. efox has done in depth research, and urges you to investigate electronic cigarettes for yourself. efox is committed to changing the standard of e-cigarettes for the vaping community and are proud to bring you the best electronic cigarette available on the market today, the Efox 510.
efox 510 electronic cigarettes produces more vapor than any other device and our superior quality 510 electronic cigarette are offered at the most affordable price. Compare; no other electronic cigarette offers you the quality and pricing of efox cigarettes. efox is dedicated to bringing you the best technology at the best price. In addition to the 510 electronic cigarettes top quality engineering, our 510's are attractively priced well below any other far inferior electronic cigarette.
We also carry the efox PCC (Personal Charging Case), the best on the market. The PCC charges your electronic cigarette, as well as displaying the battery life of your PCC on LCD display!
The 510 electronic cigarette brings you the convenience to reload your cartridges with any e-juice you desire. NO expensive preloaded limited flavors and NO limiting nicotine levels. efox offers over 50 flavors with a range of nicotine levels You chose the nicotine level you choose the flavor. It’s that easy!
Our guarantee as a leader in the industry, we here at efox offer a 30 day 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and a 6 MONTH WARRANTY on any device purchased from efox. Questions? Our informed staff is available to answer any questions you may have. Just fill in the contact form for a personalized answer.
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