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1. What are the advantages of electronic cigarettes? Because they are electronic, e cigs don't need lighters or matches. No flame means no smoke, much lower chance of fire, and best of all, no pollution. Also, because using an electronic cigarette is not considered smoking, they are acceptable where most cigarettes aren't. 

2. Do electronic cigarettes produce smoke? Electronic cigarettes work by heating a liquid and turning it into a vapor. 

3. Are efox electronic cigarettes disposable or rechargeable? Why do you think one of our companies colors is green? All of the products we sell are reusable or rechargeable for that reason. 

4. How will I know when to recharge my e cig? Our e cigs have LED lights on the tip of the unit to simulate taking a drag from a real cigarette. When your battery has run out of power, the LED light will start to blink. 

5. What do you mean by reusable products? The liquid that is used to convert into vapor is contained in what is called the "cartridge". When you start to run low liquid, you simply take your single dropper bottle of liquid and drip 3 to 5 drops of liquid into the cartridge. (click here for more in depth instructions) 

6. I can't get my batteries to charge in my PCC, whats going on? Don't worry, this is a very common question. Here is the charging process from start to finish. With the efox logo facing you, screw your battery into the case clockwise until tight. You should see a screen with a button and a LED light underneath logo. Press and hold the button until you see the light and the battery blink. The battery will blink 5 times to notify you that the battery is connect correctly. The light on the case will blink approximately 15 times before showing a solid color. If the light turns Red, your battery is in the process of charging. If your battery turns Green, your battery is charged and ready for use.
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