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1. Breakthrough innovation in smoking; an electronic cigarette lights up the way


Almost every aspect of electronic cigarettes gives advantages from their traditional counterparts. Although they have received very little recognition, electronic cigarettes could bring wonders to anybody who enjoys a good smoke now and then. The following are the innovations that come from smoking an electronic cigarette.

Construction: Built to last

The construction of a typical quality electronic cigarette is built to last. With a milestone advantage in terms of design, each eCig has sturdy modular parts that can effortlessly be replaced. The battery, atomizer, and cartridge easily couples together to form the mechanism. Some designs are almost like real cigarettes except for the LED light indicating use. Some designs are like big cigars, enhanced by added vaporizing power to give a fuller billowing smoke that comes out of your lungs. It is good to know that every part is replaceable. Manufacturers often provide a full set of accessories to compensate if you want more backup batteries or cartridges.

Built for a long-lasting Vaping power and convenience

The new age electronic cigarette is also designed for endurance. Lasting longer than a carton of cigarettes, a usual kit includes a 10ml bottle of liquid, which can fuel over ten packs of cigarettes. Imagine how much you can save in a year by using a “better alternative." They can also be charged, so there is no need to throw them away. The battery will accommodate to vaporize the e-liquid for hours. Refillable cartridges can also withstand many uses; they could be swapped and switched to a full tank in less than a few seconds.


Cartomizers can also be used to bring convenience without the task of refilling them; as they are disposable, they can be a perfect accessory to bring along over an extended trip. Along with a portable charging case, doubling as a mobile power supply, the electronic cigarettes will satisfy your habit even after long hours outdoors.

Great feeling of having a better alternative

In this day and age, it is really nice to know smokers can rest easy by using an electronic cigarette. It gives no lasting odor. If your friends and family can notice the stinky smell that is left-over walls and car interiors, they are now a thing of the past-even your dentist couldn’t detect if you are smoking them.

The taste is so similar that in a blind taste test, nobody would ever know the difference. Delivering popular-tasting brands without compromise, the eCig comes with a safe propylene glycol (same as used over inhalers and humidifiers) liquid base, which is instantly vaporized with the help of the atomizer. Doses of nicotine depend on the user’s preference; they may contain low alkaloid content or normal, which can be an option upon purchasing. The vapors vanish quickly, so they can be safely used within more bars, and public places as long as there are no laws prohibiting thier use.

Dubbed as a “smokeless” cigarette, it only “vapes” during on-demand use. Real cigarettes still fume dangerous carbon monoxide when lit, nothing can be said with these smokeless versions. With the added knowledge that it is less likely to be a fire hazard, proof that their modern iterations can be a better alternative.


2. Take back your life; electronic cigarettes are the alternative to your smoking habit

Smokers can now rejoice with a new product that can save them money and provide convenience. Smoking as a habit is expensive. Constantly feeling the urge could now be alleviated with an alternative option. Overall, it doesn’t really take away much except its bad effects and still give the kick that a regular cigarette delivers. Electronic cigarettes are showing the way; just a single stick is equivalent to numerous real cigarettes, smoke vaporizes quickly and provide a lot of savings.

No bulky load and convenient design

Cigarettes are light yet take up precious space. A single stick of their electronic counterpart can replace numerous cigarettes. With a re-attachable battery and cartridge, anybody can smoke for longer just by switching electronic cigarette cartridges once depleted. A modular design gives more ways to smoke like using extra batteries or disposable cartomizers. Electronic cigarettes aren’t heavy; they are almost close to just a small gadget over the palm of your hand.


The typical construction of a pen or cigar electronic counterpart is built to last, which could be used hundreds of times; the only thing you need to be careful of is not to lose them. Either way, manufacturers offer a complete list of accessories if you lost them or are wanting more backup during those long stays outdoors. A long camping trip can be an ideal time to bring them along with the portable charging kit; these cigarettes can stay powered and recharged while out, and you won’t even need to find a store as cartridges can last significantly longer.

More savings

With the current economy, saving is really important. Electronic cigarettes are also cheap. When you get a typical kit, a 10ml bottle is also included; these e-liquids have the firepower to last a couple of cartons. High-concentration of nicotine gives that real kick that every smoker loves. The included set of cartridges are prefilled to even give more time to Vape without spending too much. Sporting different flavors, which authentically mimic popular brands, they are now the cheaper alternative.

No smoke fume when not in use

Smoking them is as real as its real counterpart albeit only showing smoke during on-demand operation, eCigs produce Vapors once triggered over the flow-sensor to quickly vaporize the e-liquid within the cartridges or disposable cartomizers.

These electronic cigarettes are also permitted in more places compared to real ones. They don’t need to be lit and thus do not pose a fire hazard.  A flow sensor within the atomizer automatically operates when you puff; what follows is a billowing smoke that is truly authentic yet vanishes easily.

No Stinky Odor


Once you try them, there is no long-term lasting odor. Electronic cigarettes aren’t like their old counterparts. They mildly produce a smell distinctive to their e-liquid flavoring yet won’t leave a lasting effect over rooms and insides of cars. Even with high or low concentration of nicotine content, they do not pose any long-term stench.


Families and friends can be relieved because of less smoke emitted as well as no odor. The stink that sticks to rooms and cars is now gone. Even friends can never tell if you are Vaping right after a short period of time.



3. Satisfy your cravings alternatively; e-cigs are here

You may have come to enjoy how e-cigs have come to satisfy your cravings comparably to authentic cigarettes.

If you are asking, what are the advantages of using eCigs as alternatives? Incorporating the same tactile feel and oral fixation of traditional cigarettes, they are also safer and less expensive.

Tastes as good as the real ones with a multitude of flavors
E-cigs can go toe-to-toe with their predecessors. While they are cheaper, they still offer an authentic taste that is comparable to popular cigarettes like your favorite Tobacco or Menthol flavor.

The e-juice present in the prefilled cartridges makes the taste come alive. They have a varying level of nicotine along with flavorings to give out the kick that every smoker desires. Not only do they have low smoke volume, but they emit no smoke if you leave it over your table.  Only on-demand will the trigger vaporize the liquid that billows out from your lungs, producing a thick vapor that is essentially like using old cigarettes without the nasty smell.

Essentially, every conceivable flavor can be put onto a high-potency eJuice; some could even introduce fruit flavors while having a punch of traditional ones. The options are too many to mention. As far as these e-cigs go, they are the epitome of customizability and longevity.


Weight and presentation almost identical to the real thing

Nobody can tell the difference when looked upon a few meters away. Although sporting a sturdy plastic construction, don’t let those e-cigs fool you. They are available in different colors and designs. There are pen types with regular color and black and some have a big cigar-type construction to accommodate longer operation time thanks to their larger size.


Lasting multiple times longer than a regular cigarette

When your friends ask about how long you can get out of a single kit of these e-cigs, they might be surprised at how much smoke time is increased. Approximately, from about over a dozen of cartons, they are cheaper in every way. Imagine how much you can save within a year. Imagine how you could have a safer alternative.

Satisfying your cravings doesn’t need to be expensive. Prohibition is also not as large of an issue with eCigs.  Some states allow them anywhere as long as you use them responsibly. They are allowed in bars and most lounges; the stats of allowable places is much higher as compared to regular cigarettes. What you get are light cigarettes that are performance worthy, a variety of e-liquid flavors, refillable tank cartridges, lower costs, a modular design, no long-term odor, no awful stench, a portable charging option, and the production of thick vapors that is truly the new way to enjoy smoking.




4. Don’t kill yourself! Top 3 reasons to stay away from cigarettes; E cigs can demolish its bad effects yet keep its advantages

In contrast to smoking real cigarettes, there are really a lot of things you should stay away from. There are now innovations that cater to smokers to have a safer habit yet cheaper alternative. However, before that, let’s concentrate on why you shouldn’t use normal cigarettes any more.

Too costly

This is the number-one problem for smokers. Cartons of cigarettes are very expensive. Excessive tax is way overboard in most states. For a smoker, a yearlong supply will cost hundreds of dollars if they are smoking about a pack each day.

Regular cigarettes are more harmful than Electronic Cigarettes

Thousands of additives will bring a plethora of diseases. Comparable to a modern day Pandora’s Box which could bring a heavy toll on its users, the list of health disorders is far too many to mention, smoking in a significantly safer way is the only option these days.

Smell that stays

Stinky odor is the trademark consequence of regular cigarettes. They stick to rooms like glue. Unfortunately, they won’t be removed unless you buy expensive deodorizers that will likely be back once you smoke again. Car interiors are also the victims.

A better alternative

Now comes the reason to get a newer and better option. E cigs or electronic cigarettes are the way to go. Offering all the great things found in traditional cigarettes and more, they are the ideal smoking devicefit” for every smoker.

The cost is significantly less. With a kit, they could last multiple cartons and still have money for other things. Initially, the first investment is the kit that is a modular design to snugly fit parts and can be replaced conveniently without much effort. The common kit has a 10ml bottle included equaling about 10 cartons of cigarettes, not bad if you compare both. An e-cig can also be reused hundreds of times; nothing is wasted! There are optional portable charging kits to bring mobility to the equation. Camping trips or long hours over your favorite hangout is never a problem as it charges even inside your pocket or purse.


In contrast to cigarettes killing you, E cigs are much safer. Even with the overly-debated classification and health warnings, they are really a better option. Nicotine in its pure form (used in e-liquids, without tobacco), has less of a correlation to health risks. What e-Cigs don’t have that cigarettes use is the tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of additives.


The eJuice that is included has its own story to tell. With a high-potency solution that leaves no lasting odor, rooms and car interiors are free from the clutches of heavy and stinky smell of cigarettes.  You can also recommend the electronic cigarette to your neighbor to let his wife know it won’t reek anymore. With the feature to vaporize quickly, nothing stays for long yet the billowing smoke that comes out of your lungs taste authentically the same like a regular Tobacco or Menthol flavor.


Comparably, E cigs are much more welcome in more places. Bars and other usually prohibited areas can be acceptable depending on the state or country. But even so, they pose a lower risk of a fire hazard and needs no igniting agent so you can forget about those expensive lighters.


With a multitude of features and little risk, E cigs are now the better way to smoke. There is nothing more rewarding to know that they are a thousand times safer and less expensive. Only the finest of manufacturer delivers the highest quality E cigs without compromises, try one and experience the same oral fixation and convenience today!




5. Maximize your budget: Save money with a smokeless cigarette

Money is very important in this day and age as the economy is in really bad shape. Nevertheless, if you are a smoker, you can rest easy as you can save hundreds of dollars and benefit from the safer features of a smokeless cigarette. Nothing saves money like using reusable kits and refillable cartridges; they save you money and save your health at the same time.

E-liquids can last longer

When you buy a typical smokeless cigarette kit, it includes a 10ml bottle. Don’t let the quantity fool you!  The size is comparable to 10 cartons of cigarettes. The cartridges are also pre-filled and additionally lasts a ton of smoking hours without compromises.

They don’t burn while you hold them; no smoke will come out, operating only while you are puffing the cigarette. Imagine you are doing something important and left a stick over the ashtray for 20 minutes—there will be nothing left but ash and its butt! However, with the electronic cigarette the nicotine doesn’t drip unless in use! A flow sensor activates only during on-demand operation; you can now leave even for hours and still have the power to smoke without worries.

Construction is built to last


A smokeless cigarette will last an eternity if you use and store it correctly. Featuring a modular twist-and-connect design that allows switching of batteries, cartridges or disposable cartomizers on the go. Everything can be replaced without worrying; a sturdy plastic construction with an identical look matches your favorite types and sizes. Not needing a lighter, you can operate it automatically once inhaled. There are also portable charging kits to give convenience when you are out on a family vacation. When it comes to the longevity of the product, a smokeless cigarette delivers, as you don’t need to constantly buy other things except the potent bottled e-juices.


Better chance of smoking everywhere

While even the real cigarettes have a lot of prohibited areas, these electronic counterparts have relaxed regulations.


Using propylene-glycol that is used in humidifiers, the e-Cigs are generally categorized as safe. They have water-retaining properties and the liquid base is the best choice to provide the billowing smoke that is truly authentic tasting without lasting odors.

No need to buy a lighter

A veteran smoker never leaves home without one. Lighters can often be expensive and having them is essential for smoking.  Well, now you can now throw them away!  A smokeless cigarette can cut down the costs of your habit by eliminating lighters.  Use the money for other accessories like additional cartridges, portable charging cases, and an extra set of e-juices for the long outdoor trip.

Theoretically, a smokeless cigarette is safer and doesn’t contain the hundreds to thousands of toxic additives. They only have the base liquid with nicotine content and nothing else. Also, the taste is close to the real thing. You can enjoy flavors like Tobacco or Menthol with the included e-liquids with varying nicotine levels.

You only need to get a quality kit once; after that, you simply need the eJuice that can continually refill your cartridges. The slow drip eJuice makes it good to go for long smoking sessions that are as authentic-tasting as the real thing.





6. Secrets of a better smoking life; electric cigarette is your best choice


Nothing seems to have a better feeling knowing that you can have a cheaper yet safer way to smoke. With a breakthrough that utilizes all the good things in smoking and eliminates most bad effects, an electric cigarette is now here and is a popular alternative to smoking.

Using an E-cigarette

With a safer option, they are currently ubiquitous over online storefronts over the web and can be purchased legally depending on the state or location. Posing fewer risks from all aspects, it has now been the better standard of enjoying an authentic tactile sensation and oral fixation that every smoker desires.


More options

A modular design is the best design solution of an electric cigarette. All parts can be attached just by simply twisting it a few times and can be replaced anytime. There are no difficulties in swapping these parts. They just need charging of batteries and refilling cartridges with e-juices and can last for a very long time. With that, extra batteries can also be used to provide longer vaping sessions and cartomizers can provide power and a prefilled e-juice for a disposable affair.


Portability is equally covered


A very convenient multiple portable charging case can alleviate battery issues even without a power source. With a complete setup along with a personal charging case, you can have the power to Vape for days like over on camping trips, long travel, business trips and other times outdoors; the possibility of using electronic cigarettes is really too many to mention.

No fumes that stay

Fumes are evident over its traditional counterparts. An electric cigarette doesn’t have a lasting fume. They quickly vaporize after a few moments that don’t leave that reeking stench that is permanent over rooms and car interiors.


Refillable eJuice

Saving a lot of money is another concern for alternative smoking. When you buy a typical kit, you can have a 10ml bottle of e-liquid that is equivalent to smoking 10 packs of cigarettes. You can refill the cartridges with just an easy dripping method, and you are good to go for another long session. With regarding to costs, they are significantly cheaper in contrast with using real cigarettes.

Feel a lot better

Nothing can give you a better feeling that could satisfy your cravings as well as save you a lot of money. Everything points to a positive outcome when you try an electric cigarette.

These e-juices come in flavors like Tobacco or Menthol giving the kick that is truly authenticPropylene glycol is used as the base liquid in which they are mixed with nicotine; used in humidifiers and nebulizers, their water-retaining property is generally recognized as a less toxic alternative to smoking. While you still have the tactile feeling and oral fixation obtained from smoking, the electronic cigarette produces no smoke in between puffs. Furthermore, the option of openly Vaping in more places is a bliss as you can smoke at bars and workplaces. Other states also allow its use freely as long as you smoke responsibly.

As contradicting as it may sound, an electric cigarette is the subject of heated debates. However, in reality, they exclude most of the thousands of dangerous additives in a regular cigarette.

Switching  over to an electric cigarette can give the best benefits in the long run, not only can you save a lot of money and use it for other purposes, you can rest easy that these are, although classified as dangerous as normal cigarettes, a healthier alternative. Vaping is the new method of smoking, try one today and see for yourself.